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Call Center Software

Hundreds of call center programs exist, but there’s more to picking one than just jumping at the lowest price. They aren’t all the same, and the best one for you probably won’t be the best for your friend. Here are some things to watch out for before you throw down cash on call center software.

Call Center Software Type

Most call center software is designed to work with certain types of call centers. For instance, a center that purely works in customer acquisition probably won’t need a sales platform, but centers that handle tasks like purchasing will need one. Specifying what type of service your business needs and what it will primarily be working in will help your business get the most from the software that you choose.

Another thing to keep in mind is what type of software you’re planning on using, whether it be cloud-based or browser-based. Think about what best fits your needs. Cloud-based software potentially holds much more room for data, but is less secure than browser-based software. Depending on what your company does, one of the two may be a better fit.

Call Center Software Features

Now that you know what type of software best fits your business model, it’s time to think about which features you’re going to need the most.

Some of the options for this include features like concurrent calls or call control, but each program is different and has different features that can alter how your company will use the call center. It’s best to think carefully about what features you want in a call center. 

For instance, you may not need voicemail, especially if you have the phones going constantly, but something like historical reporting can help trace lost or broken calls. There are many, many different features and going through every single one will take some time, but it will also be mighty helpful when you decide on a program.

Business Tools Integrations

Every software has to have business tools integrations, which integrate seamlessly with your current help desk as well as all of your companies other platforms, such as e-commerce and social networking. This can have a huge impact on the productivity of your employees.

Some types of software let you automate tasks, which can mean even more productivity. This allows the different parts of the system to work together automatically, so that the call center will be updated once any changes are made to a contact in a different system area.

Customer Support

Of course, you’re going to want whatever call center software you pick to be able to help you with any problems you have with it. That might seem a bit meta, but make sure to pick a software that comes with anytime support from the provider. Or else, some of the benefits of even having a call center (around the clock help, for instance) are rendered meaningless.

It’s also helpful if the customer support includes training to get your team on board and confident with the software. Most software comes with video and text guides, which can be really helpful.

Call Center Software Price

It’s the age-old conundrum of what you value more, the price now, or the price of losing a customer down the road if they are unhappy with the service your call center is providing? The best software on the market will definitely be expensive. Will it be worth it for you company? It’s hard to say, make sure you weigh out the benefits as well as what it would cost.

Many programs offer a free trial, which may be very helpful for you and your team to figure out exactly what you want before  making a purchase.

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