5 Ways To Find Success At Your New Job

Being in a new job requires a lot of time and effort especially if you’re in the food and beverage sector. Your kind of job varies from formulating the company’s objectives down to providing sales training to being representatives. Though it’s a very challenging job, many still stick to it since it’s one of the most rewarding and exciting careers around. Favorite food sales jobs include being a sales manager, franchise director, sales representative, sales account manager, and much more.

So how can you survive and succeed in a new job? Well, it takes more than just educational qualifications and experience. You also need to possess the following qualities that guarantee to make you a winner in this job sector. Below are 5 ways to find success at your new job:


The way to the top is difficult, and you’re bound to encounter many challenges. There will be times when your sales will be at its lowest. In moments like this, you shouldn’t let pessimism get in the way. You have to be determined to stand up again and face your shortcomings. Your determination can lead you to come up with better sales strategies and new products as well. Many people make buying decisions based on emotional response. For this reason, you will need to be a very persuasive speaker and one that is capable of engendering trust in your clients. It is also important to keep in mind that while the initial buying decision is often based on emotion, many individuals will take a step back from that immediate emotional response and put their logical thinking skills to work.


As much as people need food, it doesn’t follow that you have to sell what others are also selling. Customers will still be interested in trying something unique. You must let your creative juices do the work. Once you have something different to offer, customers are bound to try it out. This is quite essential for success with any kind of new job though innovation should be a part of your creativity. Winning new clients is only half the battle in succeeding in media sales jobs. Once you’ve secured a client, your challenge then becomes to retain that client. Maintaining a positive and open relationship with each and every client is an important part of being a sales representative and one that will ensure your many of your clients stick around.


Success doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t expect your sales to shoot up in just a day or two upon introducing your product. Customers are very cautious especially in trying a new product. However, once people start raving about it, you’re sure to win their loyalty. In all the new jobs, you not only need to be able to play on the emotionally driven responses of clients but to back up your claims with documented factual information as well. Once your potential clients have allowed their local side to the surface, they will want proof of the claims that you’ve made in your sales pitch. Being able to hand them supporting documentation or to show them demographic data and other types of empirical proof of your company’s ability to generate the business they need, you will have certainly closed the deal.


It pays to be honest especially when you’re in food sales jobs that’s why you have to come clean especially to your customers. Being in the food and beverage sector is risky. You just can’t sell anything since these are items that can affect the overall health and wellness of customers.

Love for work

Being in food sales jobs isn’t a bed of roses. There are times when you’ll be under a lot of pressure especially when sales are low. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be put down by mere challenges. Loving your work can do wonders to your job performance and once your superiors notice how dedicated and good you are in what you do, you’ll be promoted in no time at all.
All the new jobs are found almost everywhere. With these tips on how to achieve success with and in your new job should guide you in your quest. You can apply to restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering services, and many more. Nowadays you can even start your own food business by selling goodies you made. If you want to succeed in food sales jobs, the right qualities and attitude can help you go a long way.

Sourced from: sheknows

Photo: Thinkstock/Mark Hunt