3 Great Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

Call center solutions are an easy way for small businesses to field customer inquiries without having to hire an entire department. Whether you need to have a phone service available to customers for feedback or your entire business model is dependant on placing or receiving phone calls, it’s a wise idea to invest in some sort of call center software. 

Rather than weighing the pros and cons of every system out there, we’ve assembled a list of the best options available to you. This will save you time on research and can let you get back to focusing on other aspects of work.

It should be no surprise that every entry on our list is a cloud-based call center solution. Take a look at the best three systems on the market today.


CrazyCall prices range from $11 to $45, which is to be expected for cloud-based call center systems. It is a sales-focused service that allows users to place calls through either a click-to-call web browser feature or an automatic dialing feature. Notably, it routes calls through numbers local to the country of origin, meaning that people will be more likely to pick up when your company dials them. 

Though CrazyCall lacks a dedicated customer service feature, it is extremely effective at converting calls into sales or positive responses. If that’s what your business focuses on, this is likely the cloud-based call center service for you. If not, then you might want to take a look at some of the other options.


Like CrazyCall, CloudTalk comes complete with a ton of great call center features such as Interactive Voice Responses, call redirection, customizable call greetings, contact tags, and so much more. It is also incredibly easy to integrate CloudTalk with existing customer relationship management tools, chat software, and e-commerce systems. Similar to the other entries on this list, it also offers a mobile app that can improve customer satisfaction.

CloudTalk is a particularly good choice for a rapidly-scaling business. Unlike CrazyCall, it offers customer support services, which makes it one of the more versatile cloud-based call center solutions. Plans start at around $15.

ZenDesk Talk

What sets ZenDesk apart from other cloud-based call center solutions is that this software is built to integrate with CRM tools, rather than having CRM tools built into it. This means that ZenDesk is a seamless solution for any business that already has customer relationship management tools that its employees are fond of using.

Fortunately, ZenDesk doesn’t sacrifice any of the features you’d expect from a cloud-based call center solution. It offers call recording, routing and re-routing, and real-time monitoring, among others. Because it is a cloud-based system, it is easy to set up, and users can keep track of key performance indicators. Business plans cost anywhere between $20 and $45.

Source: https://www.techradar.com/best/best-call-center-software

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