Don’t Suffer Through Dry Eyes: Top 3 Solutions

Dry eyes can happen to virtually anyone, and there are several underlying causes for it. Luckily, however, there are also several treatments for dry eyes. In this article, we are going to look at three of those treatments.

1. Eye Drops

Dry eyes are uncomfortable. They can occur when our teams don’t get enough lubrication or mucous, and they can produce an itchy feeling in addition to blurry vision and light sensitivity. One way of countering dry eyes, however, is by using eye drops, which is the most common solution for this issue. Eye drops are affordable and can be found over the counter. Using eye drops continuously is vital as they moisturize and provide lubrication around the eye, giving you relief even when you didn’t think you needed it.

2. Lipiflow 

Lipiflow is another excellent option if your tears don’t have enough oil for lubrication. The device uses pressure and heat to unclog oil glands on the eyelids, which often become blocked. Lipiflow also stops tear evaporation, which helps keep eyes moisturized.

3. Punctal Occlusions 

Punctal Occlusions are another option, with the procedure consisting of doctors closing the duct in the eye that drains tears. This is so that tears remain in the eye, keeping the eye moisturized at all times. Doctors also install a temporary plug that dissolves, which is all-natural and made from scar tissue.


Dry eyes are bothersome, but know that you don’t have to suffer throughout the day with a wide variety of available solutions to help you. From eye drops to Lipifolow, there’s something for everyone.

Featured image: PixaBay