Selecting the Best Depression Treatment Centers

Watching your loved one struggle with depression can be a daunting experience, especially if they have tried several treatments and there are no signs of improvement. A huge number of people have gone through a similar situation to the point that they lose hope and almost give up on finding other depression treatment centers for their loved ones. You should not have to go down the same road.

Depression is considered a highly treatable illness and, just because your loved one is not cured after a number of routine visits with medical practitioners, does not mean they would not be cured. Once you manage to find the best depression treatment center, you will see the quick recovery in the depressed person within a short time frame.

Types of Depression Treatment Centers

Hospital Inpatient Treatment

This program is mainly designed by hospitals to handle depressed persons that pose a danger to themselves and others around them. Once the patient appears to be out of danger, he or she is released. The program is not suitable for persons that need long term care for them to fully recover.

Short Term Residential Treatment

Rehabs offering this type of treatment should be the first choice for persons with depression. Depression treatment centers that follow this approach will house the suffering individual and provide one-on-one care and group therapies to your loved one. Your loved one will be in the center for a period of between 30 to 90 days. Once the individual shows some improvement, they are usually placed in outpatient care. Individuals placed in such centers tend to recover within a short period.

Long Term Residential Treatment

Rehab centers with this approach are most suitable for persons who suffer deep depression. When all of the above fail, this is the last resort for your loved one. He or she will be housed in the facility for a period of 12 to 18 months. However, there are very few depression treatment centers that offer this kind of treatment. The longer the time the patient stays in the program, the better it allows him or her to get a hold of his or her emotions. Furthermore, the center will help the patient find the root cause of their depression and find new ways of coping with the incident that led to the melt down.

You should also consider a rehab center that also offers care to family members; this is because seeing your loved one struggle with depression without any improvement may have some negative psychological effects on you as well.

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