Why Choose BOTOX for Anti-aging Treatment?

As time goes by, so does the crow’s feet around our eyes, the annoying lines on our heads, the fine lines on our saggy skin, and the frown lines that appear when we smile.

Generally speaking, wrinkles appear because of skin sagging, but this is a one-sided understanding of wrinkles. The wrinkles that happen as a result of consenescence prolapse often become apparent after 45 years old. However, ninety percent of people start to have wrinkles after the age of 25. Besides the auxiliary cause of insufficient skin elasticity, it is more often the result of facial muscle movement. When the face moves in expression, the muscles contract and accumulate over time, resulting in increased muscle tension. Therefore, when an expression is being made, wrinkles will form between the muscles and the skin, which is often called wrinkles.

BOTOX is a natural, purified protein that relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, making skin smoother, younger, and more youthful. It’s a simple, non-invasive way to refine the face. It’s a very active treatment. It’s injected into a few tiny areas of the face to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles.

The Principle of Botox Wrinkle-Removing

Botox is introduced into the face by means of a fixed point, to achieve the whole face wrinkling and tightening effect. When the appropriate dose of the drug is injected into the place where improvement is needed, the drug will be quickly absorbed. Then it affects the nerve signal transmission, making the muscle relax. The muscle will no longer follow the movement of expression, so as to quickly and directly eliminate the crow’s feet, eyebrow lines, and other muscle wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Effect of Botox

Botox treatment of dynamic wrinkles requires continuous cosmetic injections, and the effects of a single treatment usually last for four to six months (the re-appearance of the wrinkles does not get worse).

Benefits of Botox Treatment

  1. No surgery, no side effects.

Botox biologics injected can be absorbed by the human body after several hours. Customers do not need to worry about side effects. With the injection method, there’s no pain, no side effects, quick effect, safe, reliable, simple, and effective.

  • Biological wrinkle removal

The use of a small number of biological agents for facial multi-point subcutaneous injection can quickly eliminate fine wrinkles so that the skin maintains luster and elasticity. Botox injection can effectively eliminate annoying marks on the forehead, eyebrow, lateral canthus, buccal, oral corner, neck, etc.

  • Easy and quick process

Botox injections achieve the purpose of cosmetic treatment by using biological agents to paralyze the wrinkled muscle and its innervating nerves. No recovery period is needed. You just wait a few minutes after the injection and then can go home. Nobody will notice that you’ve just done a face “surgery”. No sedative or local anesthetic is required when you get Botox treatment. Wrinkles can be removed by a Botox treatment appointment during a lunch break, which does not affect the work arrangement at all. What an amazing experience!

Featured image: DepositPhotos – monkeybusiness