IBM Cloud Security Solutions Business

IBM Cloud Security Solutions Business

Cloud storage has revolutionized choices centred around storage for businesses and individuals. From creating new apps, increasing flexibility, and cutting costs, you now need a cloud technology that will modernize and extend your infrastructure. Additionally, when it comes to cloud storage, having a combo of cloud object, block, and file storage enable businesses to optimize storage costs while providing security, reliability, and durability.

Cloud storage, however, is a target of security attacks and breeches. This is where IBM Cloud security solutions business comes in. This exclusive service comes with a suite of solutions and technologies that are made more complete and robust through AI+ automation, integration, and pervasive encryption. Indeed, the IBM security team supports more than 12,000 users in 133 different countries.

Features of IBM Cloud Security Solutions Business:

1. Identity and Access Management.

To securely access your IBM Cloud platform, IBM offers access and identity management to boost compliance management as well as minimize risks associated with today’s cloud environment. It also lets you build robust authorization and authentification on all your cloud-native applications as well as manage access to your cloud resources. In this category, IBM Cloud security solutions business include:

  • IBM Cloud Identity Connect
  • IBM Cloud App ID

2. Visibility and Intelligence.

When it comes to gaining security intelligence and proactively monitoring across your cloud databases you can put trust in the built-in support of IBM cloud security solutions business. You are able to effectively manage compliance, quicken investigation timelines, and quicken the discovery and response to threats. The sole intelligence offered by IBM cloud security is the IBM Cloud Activity Tracker.

3. Data Protection.

Protecting sensitive data on the cloud is the number one priority for individuals and businesses, especially in this era of hacking and security breaches. IBM cloud security solutions business, therefore, puts this into consideration and has come up with some foolproof methodologies that meet all your needs. State-of-the-art data encryption has been developed for not only data in motion across data services and in storage but also data at rest. Additionally, an elaborate network security combined with PII Monitoring work in synergy to provide more data protection solutions. IBM cloud security data protection in this sector include:

  • IBM Cloud HSM
  • IBM Cloud Hyper protect services
  • IBM Cloud Cloud Key Protect
  • IBM Multi-Cloud Data encryption.

4. App Security & Secure DevOps.

The App security solutions on IBM cloud security are geared towards securing your web-based and mobile applications as well as protecting them against potential malicious attacks today and in future.

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