Oracle Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions

oracle hybrid cloud security solutions

Business continuity and data protection are two key things that determine the success of your company. In comparison to the traditional solutions, where data control was on a personal, physical, and logical level, cloud computing is the most successful architecture of Information Technology (IT) enterprise. In this case, Oracle hybrid cloud security solutions offer the aforementioned data protection necessary for your company to strive. 

Oracle Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions

Oracle is a complete cloud-based company that offers quality data storage solutions. For the past few years, many e-commerce websites and online stores shut down due to cyber-attacks.

Malicious hackers behind these cyber-attacks aim to cripple businesses’ productivity and steal valuable data. Your online business could collapse as a result of cybercrime attacks. This is where Oracle hybrid cloud security solutions come in. Oracle deals with data protection, email security, and your business community in real time. Additionally, Oracle services are cloud-based. Cloud-based computing is an Internet-based architecture that manages, stores, and processes data.

Oracle hybrid cloud security solutions provide scalable, elastic, and on-demand services at a considerably cheap price. Oracle aims at guaranteeing prospect customers with confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy by integrating the data control models and auditing.

Traditional Data Security Models vs. Cloud Computing

In the data storage and security environment, change is constant. A few months ago, confidentiality and privacy prevented some e-commerce websites and online stores from adopting the cloud-based data storage environment. To fully benefit from the advanced features that come with cloud computing, most of the online businesses decided to change.

Why Cloud Computing Is Important

• Security concerns

Data security, confidentiality, and integrity are the key to success. Nowadays, more than 91 percent of online stores and online businesses are adopting cloud computing. In contrast, less than 14 percent of businesses still rely on traditional data security paradigms.

• Cybercrime Threats

Cybercrime attacks are the reason for the closure and collapse of many companies. More than 76 percent of online businesses experience email scam and other attacks. Oracle solutions ensure that your data is safe.

• Websites overload

On a weekly basis, midsize organizations deal with more than 16,937 alerts. Only 4 percent of the alerts go through investigation. This is where Oracle comes in. Oracle works on investigating malicious alerts and solving them in real time.

The Bottom Line

Oracle is a renowned internet-based cloud computing service provider. It safeguards users’ data by addressing the necessary requirements under data security and privacy laws. Organizations are migrating their data and applications to the cloud to fully benefit from the advanced features available. It’s time for a change.

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