Top Benefits of the Best 800 Number Services for Small Business

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Having an 800 toll-free phone number gives your small business a huge boost. It makes your business readily available because it does not cost customers a penny to call you. Moreover, if it is a vanity toll-free phone number, your customers will remember it easily, and you are likely to receive more calls than when using a standard phone number.

If you do not have an 800 toll-free phone number, you are already trailing behind your competitors. They are probably using one and having potential customers flocking to their call centers. Here are the top benefits of having the best 800 number service for small business.

1. A vanity 800 toll-free number is easy for customers to recall

A vanity number spells letters instead of numbers. Naturally, our brains remember words better than numbers. Customers are more likely to call a number they can easily remember; it is nature. This is why having a toll-free vanity number for your business would translate to more calls from potential customers.

When choosing the best vanity number name, make sure it is catchy yet relevant to your line of business. It needs to be unique, too, because people confuse common words. The name should spell something your business does or your company brand.

2. It builds and boosts your business brand

Most probably, you choose a vanity number word that describes your business, which makes your customers identify the number with your business and helps your branding efforts. They learn to associate your number with what your business does. It sticks to their minds, and with time, they learn to associate your products or services with your brand name. There is no better way to raise brand awareness.

3. Your customers become happier

Because your number is easy to remember, customers will most likely make calls to your business. Moreover, because they will do it at no cost, they will love the experience. They will ultimately feel more valued and welcome to contact you. Have a customer support team that is on top of their game and it will lead to your clients getting the best experience with the likelihood of converting them into lifelong customers. A happy customer is likely to become a returning customer.

4. An 800 number makes your business look more professional

Toll-free vanity numbers give prestige to your business. Compared to regular phone numbers, toll-free numbers look more professional. They make companies look more credible and customer oriented. When competing against larger and established companies, a toll-free number would give your small business that touch of professionalism and credibility to allow you to compete at the level of these big companies.

5. Your small business harnesses the power of free things

People are naturally attracted to free offers. After all, who does not want to save money? 800 toll-free phone numbers attract potential customers to contact you because they are not charged for the calls. This provides quick lead generation for your business. Employing the best 800 number service for your small business is, therefore, a powerful marketing tool you should not ignore.

6. Vanity numbers allow you to create a marketing campaign for each part of your business

Vanity 800 toll-free phone numbers can be extended to cater for the smaller units of your business. For example, you can have several vanity numbers having unique names based on the different products or service lines in your business and then have an overall vanity number for the entire business. This way, you can create marketing campaigns for particular goods or services according to your preferences.

7. It boosts your marketing campaigns

Toll-free numbers lead to high lead conversion rates because they are free to call and easy to recall. When included in marketing campaigns, 800 toll-free phone numbers help to make marketing efforts a success — especially if yours is a small business that has not had much exposure.

An 800 toll-free number service is a useful tool for any business, whether big or small. However, a young and growing company will need the best 800 number service for their small business even more because they are still growing and need as many customers as they can get.

A toll-free number service would come in handy to spur the needed growth. It gives your small business the much-needed credibility and your customers a chance to call you at no cost while enhancing your company’s brand recognition.

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