Private Cloud Backup Solutions

Private Cloud Backup Solutions

Data is the most vital resource for any company. The strategic decision-making process of any corporate body is highly dependent on the effective analysis of data. Hence, data protection is of paramount importance for any company. Moreover, effective storage and regulation of data are necessary for companies to meet the government’s mandated compliance expectations. The cloud backup technology emerged as the prime choice of the companies for the storage and backup of their data. This technology provides a reliable method of securing enormous amounts of data. The fact that more than 57% of businesses rely upon the cloud storage for data backups reflects the sustaining market growth of technology.

However, one must be well aware of their requirements in order to choose between public cloud backup partners like Amazon or private cloud back up solutions like SingleHop. Reading up on information about both options will allow you to derive the maximum benefit of the technology. Every company may either choose public backup solutions or private backup solutions depending on the amount they are willing to spend. Public cloud options let the users choose a combination of storage, seeding, and access options. Whereas private cloud backup solutions are prepackaged.

Public Cloud Backup Solutions

Public cloud is most suitable for businesses who seek affordable and competitive pricing for the services. The service providers use the internet to make resources available on the public cloud. Amazon Elastic-Compute Cloud, Azure, and Blue Cloud are some of the major public cloud service platforms. The fact that users have to pay only for the capacity used makes it a really affordable option. However, the model can limit the security, SLA specificity, and configurations. Therefore, it may not be suitable for every kind of business.

Private Cloud Backup Solutions

Businesses that prefer outsourcing cloud solutions in order to focus completely on the business can opt for the managed solutions. The fully managed private solutions are hosted in a private cloud and guarantee a greater amount of security. Managed cloud backup solutions like SingleHopBass powered by VeenamCloudconnect provide users with the complete package and needs less than 10 minutes to set up on your network.

The private cloud backup solutions are not as affordable as the public cloud solutions. Additioanlly, they can be complex to manage. However, there is no interference of any external component and your data remains within the perimeter of your organization. The onboard needs of seeding, accessibility, and integration are also taken by the private cloud. The managed solutions use the best storage hardware and provide total visibility of all cloud backups to the users. They also use the best-in-class technology to ensure the speedy recovery and greater protection of data.

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