8 Distinct Factors of A Gas Credit Card

Are you thinking about obtaining a gas credit card from your most preferred gas station? You may want to do your investigating to make sure that the interest rate is ideal and that you can afford the debt that may be incurred upon using the card frequently. The average rate of interest for most gas stations on a national average is more than 23 percent. If you apply for and are approved for a gas card with such high interest rate, it can rack up your debt over time. So, you have to use the card responsibly. On another note, some gas credit cards offer you discounts that you will see at the pump. You may pay less for gas per gallon. Therefore, you will get at least 2 percent return.

Distinct Factors

Gas credit cards are similar to reward or points cards. It is important that you be aware of how much earnings you will receive for every dollar that you spend on gas. Are the rewards worth it? Combined with the rewards, the interest rate and the annual fee, you should be able to tell if the card is valuable or not. However, there are some distinct factors that you should consider when you are thinking of getting and using your gas credit card. These include:

  • The gas prices
  • The rules of redemption
  • The savings
  • The discounts involved
  • The type of car
  • The rebates
  • The redemption process
  • The gas tank and how much it can fill up


When the price of gas is low, you should receive a higher percentage of return. The opposite is true. When the price of gas is higher, the percentage of return will be lower. Before you obtain a gas credit card, don’t just focus on the rewards and neglect additional spending categories. You should put most of your focus also on the interest rate.