Avoid These 5 Bodybuilding Supplements

Are you the kind of person who spends three hours in the gym every day and still can’t manage to get the bulging muscles you’re looking for? If so, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered using supplements to increase your progress. While there are some great products out there, you should make careful decisions about the ones you choose. Lots of them are a massive waste of money and may have a detrimental effect on your health.

Here is a look at five bodybuilding supplements that are best to avoid. While they are some of the more popular choices, keep in mind that they are just a drop in the pond of the useless supplements lurking in health stores.

Testosterone Boosters

The fact of the matter is, you have to raise your testosterone levels by close to one thousand percent to actually see productive results. Unless, you’re using illegal steroids, it’s near impossible to reach this state. Additionally, testosterone boosters can restart the acne and rage of being sixteen again—and that’s probably not a time you’re excited to relive.

Protein Shakes

Not all protein shakes seem that bad, in fact, many of them are really tasty. This is mostly because they are so sugary that although you’re getting a protein boost you’re also ingesting a ton of empty calories. Instead, it’s best to get your protein fix from healthy sources, like lean meats and legumes.

Vanadyl Sulfate

It’s true that some bodybuilders love vanadyl sulfate, as it can increase the speed of recovery after workouts. Although it might work for you, the recommended amount in most products really isn’t enough to be effective. More importantly, too much of it can be toxic. Even though you may only be taking one supplement with vanadyl sulfate as the main ingredient, if you’re taking multiple supplements, smaller, hidden amounts will gradually add up.

Amino Acids

Amino acids aren’t bad for you. However, if you’re using whey protein and eating a healthy, balanced diet, you should be getting all ten essential amino acids that you need. Supplements containing them are quite simply a waste of your money. Vegetarians are the only people who may be missing out on amino acids, but even then it’s only one or two.


Pyruvate is another waste of money. It may very well give you an energy boost and promote fat loss, but most pyruvate supplements come in about five-milligram doses. According to some experts, you need about 30-milligrams a day to be effective. This equates to spending about $210 a week on one product that is, at best, going to give you a maybe.


Featured Image Source: DepositPhotos / © nejron