Permanent Laser Hair Removal

With the rapid development and advancement of laser technology, more and more people who are beauty lovers tend to choose permanent hair removal to treat that unwanted body or facial hair, which have become increasingly unwelcome in the current society.

Laser permanent hair removal is one of the excellent methods to remove unwanted body and facial hair without the nicks, burns, or redness that typically result from shaving and waxing. This is accomplished by the technology of laser, sending a light beam of a specific wavelength onto the skin. The hair follicle will be damaged but not the skin tissue around it.

Laser hair removal is safer than most people believe. If you want to put yourself through a procedure with a great laser technician and good lasers, things are pretty safe, and you don’t have to worry about the safety issues caused by laser hair removal.

Types of laser hair removal

In general, four types of laser are used for hair removal: Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode, and NdYAG. These four lasers vary in different ways and are employed for different skin types. The Ruby laser works best on light skin and can focus on small areas. The Alexandrite laser is able to be used on different kinds of hair and can focus on large areas. The Diode laser uses a much longer wavelength and is effective on most skin types. The NdYag laser can be used on both dark hair and dark skin.

Tips for doing laser hair removal

If you are considering a laser permanent hair removal, you’d better do some research before you put yourself through the first session. Having a good idea and understanding of the facts and the possible side effects is important to help you to decide if it is the right option you really want to choose. Here are some of the main things you need to know about permanent laser hair removal.

  1. Choose the laser hair removal that is right for you. You need to decide which part of the hairs to remove. The process of hair removal works best to remove coarse and dark hair but may not work at all to get rid of red, gray, or white hair.
  2. Consult with a laser hair removal technician before taking the first treatment. Talk to a laser hair removal expert if you want to have the hair from a specific area removed.
  3. Avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and after laser hair removal treatment. Sun exposure will make laser hair removal not so effective and may result in complications after treatment.
  4. After the laser hair removal, remember not to wear make-up since the make-up might react with the laser. It is important to keep your skin clean 24 hours after the treatment so that your skin can settle and heal.

The cost of laser permanent hair removal can be expensive, and it is not covered by insurance for it is considered as a cosmetic procedure. The cost varies from place to place. In general, a plan for payment should be arranged for treatments. Find out the one that is right for your budget.

Featured image: DepositPhotos – olinchuk