Stay in Contact With Emergency Services: Top 3 Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

In the case of emergency, seniors need to have a safety system, which is why medical alert systems have become as popular as they have over the last decade. Medical alert systems are affordable, acting as an in-home landline that connects seniors with emergency services. The system itself is made up of three parts, but there are most definitely more than three types of medical alert systems available on the market. For instance, specific systems fluctuate in battery life as well as the range of units and contract flexibility.

Despite there being a wide selection of medical alert systems available, we have compiled a list of three of the top systems that serve seniors and their families.

1. LifeFone

LifeFone is the first medical alert system that we will discuss, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see it featured in this article. After all, LifeFone has an excellent reputation for its access and personal service. It also helps that LifeFone is exceptionally affordable, costing roughly $30 a month and $300 for the entire year.

2. Bay Alarm Medical 

Bay Alarm Medical is another solid choice for those in need of a medical alert system. Providing a 1,000-foot-range, the Bay Alarm Medical is waterproof and easy to use and install, making it a quality system for those on a budget as it only costs around $29 a month. Like LifeFone, the Bay Alarm medical alert system is $300 for the year. Perhaps one of the most notable features of this system as well is that there are no cancellation fees or long-term contracts.

3. The Medical Guardian 

The Medical Guardian is the third medical alert system we have explored, and it is an attractive option for those who want variety. With the Medical Guardian medical alert system, seniors have the opportunity to choose from a mobile system with GPS, a system that automatically detects when an individual has fallen, and a traditional in-home landline system. The system has a basic equipment package called the Classic Guardian and the range for it is 1,300 feet. If a good range is something you consider to be a necessity, you should consider purchasing the Medical Guardian medical alert system as this is the most extensive range when compared to other alert systems.


Seniors need to be in contact with emergency service providers in case of a fall or something worse. Before purchasing a medical alert system, however, make sure individuals do ample research on what’s available on the market, considering everything from battery life to cost and package availability.

Featured image: PixaBay