Lower LDL Cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol

Are you looking for ways to control your rising cholesterol level? Are you trying out different ways to lower high cholesterol? Studies show that around 40% of people around the world strive to keep their cholesterol level under check. If you are one of them, then you must be at a high risk of having various heart diseases. Here is the good news, though: researchers now have developed new ways to control and lower cholesterol levels without the use of any drugs.

Earlier, high cholesterol patients were solely dependent on drugs and different practices which used to harm their body in a slow but dangerous manner. Now, it is quite easy for you to maintain a healthy cholesterol level by simply changing a few habits and adding a few things to your everyday to-do list. Here are some useful tips so that you never have to worry about your cholesterol level. If you follow these tips religiously and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they will lower LDL cholesterol without drugs.

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1. Plan a Balanced Diet

Researchers recommend including more fresh vegetables and fruits to take in a sufficient amount of essential nutrients and minerals. It is also recommended to avoid meats as much as you can and substitute it with foods that lower LDL cholesterol. A balanced diet must include more green vegetables and less red, fatty meats. You should steer clear of fats as they will raise your LDL cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease. Try consuming more fiber as it is filling and will stop you from eating unhealthy foods.

2. Get 8-10 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Most metabolic activities occur in your body when you sleep. Statistics show that people who do not sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day are actually leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep results in low blood pressure which, in turn, heats up your body. This may lead to a number of sleep disorders. Sleeping can surely lower high cholesterol by boosting several essential mechanisms in your body.

3. Have Oatmeal for Breakfast

Oatmeal is the best substitute for a heavy and filling breakfast. Oatmeal contains fiber which keeps you full and also helps to boost your digestion. People who have been consuming oatmeal on a regular basis have reported that they have experienced a significant drop in their LDL cholesterol level. You can take oatmeal as a perfect alternative to drugs for cholesterol treatment.

4. Plant Sterols Are the Best Supplements

Basically, plant sterols are the plant version of cholesterol. When you consume plant sterols as a supplement, it stops the deposit of cholesterol in the intestines. You can find this as an ingredient in many supplements, but it is better to avoid this as there are other chemicals which can harm your body. So, you can go for all natural supplements or you can consume a maximum of two grams a day.

5. Maintain Vitamin D Levels

It is very important to maintain a high level of vitamin D as deficiency of vitamin D can lead to high cholesterol level. At a young age, our body is able to synthesize vitamin D from direct sunlight, but as we age our body loses that ability and so we need to consume more of vitamin D supplements to maintain that level. A proper check of vitamin D level can lead you to a better life and can work to lower LDL cholesterol.

6. Avoid Gluten

You need to avoid more gluten as it is one of the main reasons for obesity. When you a follow a wheat-based diet, you are actually giving a chance for your cholesterol level to climb. Obesity has become such a big risk that research says it may lead to various heart diseases. To avoid this, you should avoid multi-grain products and go for more whole-grain products.

lower LDL cholesterol, lower high cholesterol, cholesterol treatment
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7. Exercise for an Hour

You need to walk for at least an hour to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Walking helps in lowering your blood pressure along with cholesterol. It also helps to build a collateral blood flow for the heart. Walking surely boosts several activities in your body and catalyzes important reactions. While walking, the toxins in your body come out in the form of sweat. This helps your body to get rid of certain harmful substances.

8. Check Blood Sugar Levels

The normal level of fasting blood sugar level is 100. You should keep a proper check on your blood sugar level as a high level of glucose may lead to a rise in LDL cholesterol and high amount of triglycerides. Daily walking, exercising and having a good diet certainly will help you maintain a proper blood sugar level. You should consume soy foods such as soy milk for a healthy living and blood sugar level.

9. Include Cinnamon in Your Diet

Studies have shown that just a tablespoon of cinnamon daily can decrease your cholesterol level by 30%. Cinnamon is a magic ingredient which lowers the risk of heart disease. Foods like Greek yogurt tastes great when you sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on it, for instance. There are other spices like garlic, ginger, and black pepper which not only add zest to your food but also help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

10. Use Red Rice Yeast as a Supplement

If you are consuming plant sterols as a supplement, then note that red rice yeast is also a great supplement to add to your regimen. Red rice yeast has the property to control cholesterol as it contains an ingredient which is identical to statins, a group of lipid-lowering meds. However, you must first consult with a physician before starting to take it. Red rice yeast will surely be of great use in cholesterol treatment.

Now that you have an in-depth idea of what to include on your to-do list, you can help yourself and others lead a better life and maintain a low level of cholesterol. It is important to avoid cholesterol as it leads to heart disease. Keep your cholesterol under check and enjoy a long, healthy life!

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