What are the Best Call Center Services for a Small Business

It might not seem like it, but taking and making phone calls can be pretty time-consuming work. A lot of small businesses won’t be able to take high-volume calls and keep staff costs low, which is why call center services exist to take some of the load off.

By outsourcing call services, companies can focus on what they are meant to be doing. Here’s our run-down of the best call center services currently available.

Best Cost: Signius Communications

Signius offers the best call center service for businesses on a budget. As long as your company doesn’t rely too heavily on making phone calls, Signius should be able to handle call traffic. While it doesn’t offer outgoing call services, its incoming services are nearly as good as any other company’s. This is a smart, cost-effective choice for small businesses.

Best Pay-as-You-Go: Contact Communications

Contact Communications can provide attractive base rates and per-minute usage rates. Despite the low costs, small business owners who use Contact will not find themselves in want of more features, as the company provides almost everything the higher-cost services do. This is a perfect call center service if you want to pick and choose which element of their calls they want to outsource.

Most Effective: Five Star Call Center

In many ways, Five Star Call Centers has the top-of-the-line call center service. The company’s upscale service comes complete with scripting, cold calling, upselling, follow-ups, and more. Five Star is the best call center service for small businesses looking to convert outgoing calls into genuine leads or sales. That being said, its costs are considerably higher than other services. Starting at $3,000 a month, Five Star proves that you get what you pay for. 

Best Overall: TeleDirect

Though Five Stars sounds like the best call center service, TeleDirect is, in fact, the total package. It has everything a small business could want, covering both inbound and outbound services. It also covers you all day, every day of the year, meaning you’ll never be at risk of losing business through a call.

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Featured image: DepositPhotos – Wavebreakmedia