Payroll Service for Small Business Review: TelePayroll

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When disucssing a business — especially small businesses — a payroll system is a very crucial task to maintain. This is because it has direct effects on the business fraternity where the employers, employees, job market, and customers are included. Actually, if you take your time to have a look at small businesses who have not been able to maintain in the market, most of them is due to financial losses.

This has been due to mismanagement of their paychecks which could have protected them from incurring big losses. To manage your paychecks properly, you need a cost effective, time saving, tax compliance, and reliable payroll service. For that purpose, there is TelePayroll software for you.

This is a payroll service for small businesses, small business payroll software, and small business payroll which will assist you to manage your finances effectively. It could lessen the work you have to do as the employer and the owner of the business. Time needed to process a payroll, need to be an expert in related fields such as FICA, unemployment insurance, and withholding amounts will be less of your concern after deploying TelePayroll software.

payroll service for small business, small business payroll software, small business payroll
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About TelePayroll Software

TelePayroll is a small business payroll software owned by a family company whose headquarter is located in Los Alamitos, CA. It has its services online on the cloud. Price varies according to the number of employees. The software has been in use with both small and large business organizations for the purpose of their payroll processes.

This product is designed to make your work as the owner of small business easy and effective. It has been in use in the market for over 60 years by now and small business owners such as farmers, banks, organizations, shops, and many kinds of business are very happy using it. TelePayroll software’s services are prioritized in the favor of clients and employees thus creating an important link and strong relationship in the business.

The setup of the software is very simple and its usage is friendly. It only requires a computer device and an internet connection no hardware devices required. It is designed to accommodate and be used with other devices such as Voice Clocks and Time Clocks but they are not necessary for its usage. TelePayroll software contains tools that enable small business to stay responsive and solve any issue related to employee benefits, human resources, and paychecks. It is designed with scalable nature of payroll way outs which enable the integration between a tax system and a human resource system.

Features of TelePayroll software

This small business payroll software has numerous features and tools which enable the owner to deal with their payroll processing issues in a cost effective way and time-saving payroll service for small business. The basic feature include:

a) Benefits Administration module

This module makes the management of your small business easy and effective. It enables employees to access and do most of the management requirements online via employees’ account log in online. Some of the issue which can be solved through these accounts include:

  • Employees information update
  • Online reporting
  • Insurance program online enrollment, and many others

This saves the business time and other resources which can be used to maximize profit for the business.

b) WebClient Portal module

This module provides the business with a helpful platform for managing the employees’ profiles and creating different business documents. It enables you to:

  • Enter and follow all the data relating to the business payroll,
  • Creates different business reports such as small business payroll
  • Retrieve and correct any error on the payroll before processing it , and
  • Manage your workers’ information all on an online portal.

c) Employee Self-Service module

This is an e-pay service on TelePayroll software which enables employees to do all their activities relating to payments online. Employees are able to do the following through this online module:

  • Get access to their pay stubs and related forms.
  • Update their payment information such bank account numbers.
  • Compile and submit any request to the management.
  • View their pay time.

d) Customized Reports feature

payroll service for small business, small business payroll software, small business payroll
Source: telepayroll

TelePayroll has a robust tool which provides a broad view of all the information relating to payment of employees. This TelePayroll tool can be used to customize the payroll reports in any form that is preferably suitable for the company focusing on the crucial information only.

e) Employee Pay Options

TelePayroll software has an online module which enables the management of any small business organization to pay their workers online. This module allows the employer to send the pay to employees’ respective accounts online.

f) Payroll processing

This software allows small businesses to process their payrolls online. This feature enables the business to manage its finance in an efficient way and the same time cheap.

g) Employee Online Time Card

This module allows employees to track their time cards online. They are online needed to have access to the internet and the WebClock. The module has a feature in which the employer can allow them to edit their time card by using a supervisor login platform.

h) Overtime Calculating

This module allows the management to calculate the cost of any overtime work. It also offers additional feature such overtime for different departments and standard groups.

i) Online Labor Distribution

This module by TelePayroll enables workers to track their distribution online. In this case, the employees are only needed to access the TelePayroll website and filter their distributions by their location, department, and job code.

j) Scheduling Options module

Scheduling Options feature allows the management of the business to allocate duties to its employees online including start time and finish time. Other interesting features include:

  • Mobile functionality
  • Data Gathering module
  • Pay Rate Override feature
  • Job Tracking module
  • Tax management module and much more other.

Target customers

The small business payroll software was produced to enable small businesses to solve their payroll issue in a cost effective, time saving, and secure way.

payroll service for small business, small business payroll software, small business payroll
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To be able to use this payroll service for small business you are assigned a conversion specialist who assists you with the initials and introduction on how to use it. The specialist sets up the software for you, helps during the transitional period, and show you how to process your payroll by preparing the first one for you. Then each client is allocated an agent responsible for all requests, questions, and any concern relating to payroll processing.

Clients Services and Support

In case the assigned agent is unavailable, TelePayroll contains a team of professionals who will be working on any of your small business payroll requests until the time he/she will be back.


  • Cost effective
  • Easy figuring and printing paychecks
  • Save a lot of time for payroll processing
  • Complies with any client’s taxation structure
  • Flexible
  • Compatible with overtime cost calculations
  • Very secure
  • A specialist is always to every client to assist in the usage.


The payroll solutions for TelePayroll are in the cloud. Thus you are required to watch how secure your cloud is.

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