Eating Healthy is Easy and Affordable: Top 3 Healthy Snacks

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy is not all that expensive. When it comes to the snacks, this is even more true, with healthy snacks costing just as much as junk food in the grocery store in recent years. The problem, however, is that as healthy snacks become affordable, more and more products enter the market, which makes it difficult for the consumer to know what to buy.

In this article, we’re going to look at three top healthy snacks that you can pick in stores across the United States.

1. Kale Chips 

Chips are an ideal snack when watching movies or socializing with friends. But they aren’t the healthiest. That’s where kale chips come into play, offering a healthy, vegan snack full of fibre that satisfies your mood for snacking. One of the most popular brands for kale chips is Awesome Foods, and it can be purchased at Walmart for under $5.

Note, however, that if you’re new to kale chips, know that the taste takes a while to get used too. Stick through it, because once you acclimate to it, you’ll never open a bag of potato chips again.

2. Greek Yogurt

Target also sells healthy snacks at an affordable price. Strolling in the aisles, you will come across several deals on Greek yogurt, which is an excellent snack that is rich in nutrients. At Target, customers can find brands of Greek yogurt like Chobani Flip and Fage.

3. Mixed Nuts

You can’t go wrong with mixed nuts. In fact, studies show that eating nuts in moderation can help people lose weight and prevent depression and certain types of cancer. Nuts are also affordable and portable and can be picked up at Walgreens for around $7.


Don’t stress about eating healthy. It’s easy (and more affordable) than you thought. Check out your local stores like Target and Walgreens to see what they offer.

Featured image: PixaBay