Insomnia Got You Up All Night? Try These Three Powerful Sleep Aids

Insomnia is a severe issue that affects millions across the globe. The problem with insomnia, too, is that while there are several solutions out there, they don’t always work for everyone. That said, there are three exceptional insomnia sleep aids on the market that might just be able to help either fall asleep or stay asleep.

In this article, we are going to look a three powerful insomnia sleep aids.

1. DriftOff Premium Sleep Aid

The first sleep aid on this list is the DriftOff Premium Sleep Aid with Valerian Root and Melatonin. This is an ideal treatment option for those who want to stay natural as it’s derived from various natural, sleep-inducing herbal supplements. Valerian Root has been used for centuries to induce sleep, and with this sleep aid, users also benefit from melatonin and chamomile, which helps treat anxiety. This product can be found on Amazon for around $20 a bottle. It is a powerful blend to induce sleep, so those who have severe insomnia should highly consider this product.

2. Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid 

If you have a severe case of insomnia and the DiftOff Premium Sleep Aid isn’t the right match for you, another sleep aid that promises to target this demographic is Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid. This product is available on Amazon for under $10, and it is comprised of Doxylamine Succinate.

It’s important to mention that Doxylamine Succinate is a strong sedative; therefore, it’s recommended that individuals have at least 8 hours of sleep after Kirkland Signature. Doing so means these individuals have enough time to process the sleeping aid.

3. Luna Melatonin-Free Natural Sleep Aid 

Luna Melatonin-Free Natural Sleep Aid is another option for those suffering insomnia. It’s especially attractive for those who don’t like melatonin as it doesn’t work for everyone. With this sleep aid, individuals will feel the benefits of a product comprised of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Valerian Root. This product can be found on Amazon for roughly $22 for 60 capsules.


Insomnia can wreak havoc on people’s lives. While finding the right medication is a matter of trial and error, it’s important to remember that their options out there.

Featured image: PixaBay