Carbonite Cloud Security Solutions Business

Carbonite Cloud Security Solutions Business

Currently, businesses are facing the threat of losing data and corrupt IT systems. These all affect client satisfaction. Hardware failures, hacking, natural disasters, and human error are some of the common reasons that data protection strategies are needed. However, identifying the most effective protection solution can be challenging. Furthermore, small and medium-sized companies lack the expertise needed to provide backup systems. Thanks to Carbonite cloud security solutions business, other businesses are able to protect their data as well as that of their clients.

Carbonite Cloud Security Solutions Business Components

Information security enhanced

Carbonite cloud security solutions is a secure and easy-to-use cloud backup service. It helps businesses protect their information without the need for onsite hardware. With physical and virtual environment support and flexible deployment features, the service provider offers its users peace of mind since they no longer worry about the loss of data.

Carbonite also supports various platforms, including legacy systems. As such, they do not require multiple solutions for backup.

Ease of deploying, monitoring, and managing

Carbonite cloud security solutions business enables its clients to use a web-based, centralized management platform to configure and monitor their backups regardless of their location. The Carbonite-installed systems have metal and granular backups that allow users to easily restore their folders, files, and other server materials by simply accessing the online portal.

Compliance support

It is interesting to note that Carbonite protects data automatically every time. Clients must have private key encryption in order to transmit their data. The system also supports legal compliance with GLBA, HIPAA, SOC 2, and FERPA.

Improved backup capabilities

Carbonite cloud security solutions business always performs “forever incremental” information storage after the initial backup. This is introduced to ensure that only incremental changes made to the data are saved. Clients can also control their bandwidth in order to easily manage their network speed. This is possible through the installed Dynamic bandwidth throttling. Additionally, Carbonite automatically divides backup activities across different CPUs, keeping the source-system processor free from other activities.

Guaranteed benefits

Carbonite cloud security solutions business offer support to over 20 operating systems, applications, and platforms. Thus, users do not need to manage several backup solutions at once. The company provides flexible deployment systems that can help companies to link data throughout their branch officers. Users can also save their data up to seven years, which helps to minimize duplication of work. Carbonite guarantees service provision 24/7 through its competent support team.

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